Across the Universe WINNER/200 FOLLOWERS!!!

First....I HAVE 200 FOLLOWERS!! WOO!! So...a contest is coming. I'll post the details late tonight or early morning! Thanks everyone for following me!!

Stacy from Urban Fantasy Investigations!!

Congrats Stacy!

<----------You just won THIS ARC!!!

 I'll send it out to you soon!

To those of you who didn't win, Beth has this HUGE/AWESOME AtU contest happening on her blog with TONS of ways to the finished copies, waterbottles, swag and it's international!

Check out that contest right here!!


  1. YAY Thank you so much I just saw this. I have been so excited to read this. Cant wait to get it :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know I got this yesterday in the mail. About to start reading it now. Thanks again.


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