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Today is 1/11/11. What does that mean? It's the release date for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis!! 

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My goal by the end of this post is to make you want it. In fact, if you make it through this post before you buy it, I'll be impressed. Oh yea, you can buy here: 
(They have signed books there!) 

AND, when you get your pretty finished copy, you can enter this contest!
If you don’t know, which you should, I LOVE this book. In fact, here’s my mini-review. You can read my full review here!
Godspeed that has been traveling though space for 300 years. The people aboard are waiting for the new society that lies ahead. These are the people who will populate the uncharted territory—them and the secret stash of frozen bodies that lie under the main levels of the ship. Amy is one of the frozen. When she is woken 50 years before Godspeed is scheduled to land on the new planet, everything goes into chaos. She’s too different, too much of anomaly and her very existence threatens everything, including Elder. Elder is the next in line to lead the ship to safety and despite the commands from Eldest, the current leader, there’s something about Amy that he can’t ignore.  Elder finds himself at the center of a mystery that’s bigger than both he and Amy, he knows she’s the only person he can trust. But can Amy allow herself to trust Elder? The answers to everything lie within each other. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is an adventure that everyone will want to read—boys and girls, moms and dads—and you won’t want to miss this incredible thrill ride, that’s part-dystopia, part-sci-fi and part-all the things you’re afraid to wonder about. 
The great people at Penguin (who you should follow on twitter, too!) reached out across the blogosphere to join in the celebration of Across the Universe!! They have given some exclusives that have never been seen before today. Why? Because we have some things to celebrate!

First off: an EXCLUSIVE video in which Beth talks about ATU and explains everything you need to know (not everything but a lot!) about the layout of the good ship Godspeed. 

Wow! So cool! There's also this fabulous website that launches today, www.acrosstheuniversebook.com where you can explore Godspeed and the world or ATU. You can look and see where every incident in the book happened. It's really cool to visualize and play around with. I love getting to see the Feeder Level and the Keeper Level.  The site is full of author and book information and some incredible background downloads.

And, there’s this other epic thing where you can read the first 111 pages at io9. It will be posted today only from 11:11 AM—11:11 PM. 

I know, I know. That’s amazing . Can you handle anymore? If so, check out the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE book page and the Penguin page on Facebook.

You can also get to know Beth Revis (who is fantastic by the way) by checking out her website, her blog, and her twitter.

I hope you are drooling--like, incessantly. I hope it’s so bad that you keep scrolling back up, wanting to buy this book. You should do it. You won’t regret it!

and congrats to Beth!!!

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