The Classic Challenge

Happy 2011! Hope day one went well for everyone.

I have set a few goals this year (I'll probably post them later this week) and one of those goals is to read 100 books. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to read, I realized I want to read classics. I haven't read many classics. I've counted and from my memory, I can recall fifteen. I've read fifteen classics in 23 years. That's not cool. SO, for 2011, I'm going to read some more.

Of those 100 books, I'm going to read at least 12--that's only one a month but it's more than I've ever read before! And, since I operate better with accountability, I thought I'd extend the challenge to all of you! 

If you want to join me in reading some classics, then please do!! If you want to read at least twelve classics this year, you can fill out the form below and join me! I know I'd love that. I'll have a form that you can use to keep track as you read--and of course, the other amazing people who are reading with you. 

 If you decide to participate, can take a button from over there on the sidebar --->

What do you think? Are you up for reading some classics?


  1. Ooh, good idea! I had intended to read more classics in 2010 but got sidetracked. But a blog challenge makes it more fun!

  2. Awesome idea1 I am signed on & ready to go. Currently reading Pride & Prejudice. I've added the Challenge button to my blog. I hope you get a lot of participants. I think this will be fun!


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