Stuck in the Snow: a poem

It's no secret that I write. I mean, that's half the purpose of this blog. It's a huge part of my life and right now, I'm in a rut. I told a friend today I was a car stuck in the snow, my wheels spinning and me yelling for help but unable to move. Then, I came home and wrote this poem. Now, I'm not a poet--I write fiction. But, there is a special place to me made for poetry. It was how started in middle school (poems and really bad songs that I thought were amazing.) I find that when I'm most lost or in need of direction or a place to vent, I turn to poetry.

I thought that since I can't really share any piece of my novels here (not smart with the wanting-to-be-published thing), I could at least share this. This is a step for me--so don't tell me it sucks. It very well may. And some of the rhymes don't line up--but ironically I didn't know it rhymed until my second read-though. That was not intentional. Anyway, read on. Maybe you will understand it.

That is, after all, why we write it. To share it and to have someone else understand it.

*PS. One bad comment and I close the commenting. I'm not in a place to handle that.  It's definitely a "say something nice or nothing at all" kind of post.

Stuck in the Snow

Spinning, spinning, stuck in place
All these questions yelled in space.
Can't find answers in the silence
Plead my heart out, verge of violence.

Sighing, sighing, can't move away
All these feelings wrapped in dismay.
Can't see the sunlight and the path is gone
Eyes are closing, need the dawn.

Screaming, screaming, no one to hear
All these steps that brought me near.
Can't move forward and can't move back,
Don't know how, this is what I lack.

Seeking, seeking, set me free
All these hopes of who I'm meant to be.
Can't live my life completely alone,
It's not mine, but yours to own.

Waiting, waiting, here I am,
All these words from a battered man.
Can't move, can't live, can't see, can't find
Heart is empty, broken, here--ready for redesign.


  1. Having been stuck in the snow MANY times, I totally hear you on this one! Especially when it comes to the screaming ; ) This is a nice little poem. Good job!

    ♥ Mary Mary

  2. I personally really like the last line, "Heart is empty, broken, here--ready for redesign." I think that's a really cool image of a heart that is ready to be redesigned and just really liked that wording!=)

  3. Ugh. My computer just annoyed me a lot! I just typed up this whole response and it disappeared. Now you get the short version.

    1.Awesome poem, D! I really like it.
    2.I think poetry and songs can be cathartic for you.
    3.I did this same thing earlier this week (was in a 'not so good feeling' place, but wrote a song not a poem.
    4.I hope this 'not so good' period for you passes quickly!


  4. Mary Mary--Yes, those are the worst times in the snow!

    Anon: That line was the hardest so I'm glad it worked. :)

    X--I laughed at your computer issue. I'm heartless. lol. But really, thanks for the encouragement. The thing about being stuck in the snow is that it will melt eventually.

  5. I nominated you for an award, check out my blog to see it!! http://goddessofthelibrary.blogspot.com


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